Apple Bay Day 6 June!!!

We are so excited about Apple Bay Day on the 6th of June! A few of us are heading down to Appelviken with our bikes to have a picnic with some friends. Be sure to book ahead if you want to rent a bike for your own beachday adventure!

What a beautiful weekend

We can feel it now, summer has arrived. All the trees are in bloom and the water is starting to become an appropriate bathing temperature! We had a lovely weekend of sun, sea and sand - sand which followed into the house and nestled into every corner. We are all hoping it lasts!


Kosläpp på Törlan

This Sunday it is time for "Kosläpp" which translates as Cow Release. During the winter months the cows are inside and when the daffodils have bloomed it is time to let them run free in the meadows. We are headed to Törlan farm outside of Varberg in Tvååker. Its a shame we can't bike everywhere.....or can we?

Joels Brygga

There is a new restaurant that has just opened down in the harbour in Träslövsläge, Joels Brygga! Can't wait for the sun to come out and give us the chance to get down there and test out some of their tasty treats.....I spy Creme Brûlée.... enough said.

Check them out on Facebook under Joels Brygga.


Today we took a ride to Kagabäcksviken, a small piece of beach hidden away on the far side of Träslövsläge. Even though the sun was shining, don't let the pictures fool you it was a chilling 3 degrees. We had a wonderful Easter Weekend with all of the family so it was nice to spend a day wondering and exploring the empty beach just us four. To get to Kagabäcksviken, follow signs to Kattegattsleden from Träslövsläge, down a gravel drive away from the main route you will find this little patch of Halland heaven.

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